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Veronica, I have amazing news which brought some tears to my eyes. Today, when I got home I decided to try my shorts that I haven’t been able to wear in 5 years.  And today for the first time I had them on. I am so excited and happy. It’s like you have given me life again. I know that I am on the right path and It’s all thanks to you.

Thank you so much for believing in me and staying by my side. I can’t wait to be where I want to be. You are truly an amazing woman. Thank you.

- Irene Lambert

I’ve been involved with fitness for the last several years in the form of weight training and playing sports and my main goal was to improve my physique but as I got older I started to understand that actually improving my overall health and well- being was far more than important than simply just looking good. While I had some basic knowledge of nutrition I did not know the ins and outs of nutrition and the affects it can have on the body. Veronica coached me the various natural ways through nutrition in which I can detox my body, live a healthier lifestyle and make sure my body is running in an optimal state. Highly recommend!

- Scoot Wee

Veronica’s plan was a real game-changer in my life. I no longer experience sugar crashes or feeling 'hangry'. I feel better than I have in years. Veronica knows her stuff and her plan absolutely works! My goal was to improve my health and nutrition but in addition to that, I learned some great tips that I will carry with me for life. This is not a diet (although I absolutely saw great short-term results) but a life-long eating plan. The first week was a bit rough and getting into a routine of prepping my food took some time, but it is absolutely worth it. I am still reaping the benefits of my new lifestyle.

Thank you Veronica! You are a life saver.

- Brenda Reeves

Veronica has been a great mentor and has provided me with knowledgeable guidance when learning about nutrition and meal planning. She has given me easy and tasty recipe ideas that accommodate my busy schedule and food that I can eat on the go. I am a big fan of her raw protein bars, which literally take me 10 minutes to make and are so yummy! They are a great snack to grab right after a workout or if I need something quick in between activities.

- Nicole Killaly

I used to like drinking alcohol and I was so lazy before I have met Veronica. I was suffering from back and knee pain for 2 years. Not only the fact that I had physical pain, I was depressed and I wasn’t happy in my life. Since I have been training with Veronica, my physical pain went away with her nutrition plan and exercise, and the most important part of this journey is that I am happy in my life. I feel like I am blessed to meet her. I am excited to see my transformation everyday and my journey will be continued for the better.

- Young Mi Kim

Veronica Yoo helped me to realize my greatest physical potential and gave me the tools to get myself out of a place in my physical being that thought I could never escape from.

- Joise Morello

Meeting Veronica changed my life.
 Not only did I have a highly disciplined, skilled and motivational personal trainer, I also received the benefits of an informed nutritionist and a life-changing mentor. I dropped 40 pounds and most importantly, gained skills how to change toxic and engrained habits that had been endangering my health and life. Rare is personal trainer who is so determined and disciplined to get the physical results you want and yet is filled with a plethora of the most up to date nutritional facts all wrapped up in a transparent and authentic spirituality. I am honored and blessed to have met her.

- Olimpia Testa, Italbec International

I approached Veronica because I was unhappy with my weight. I was eating unhealthy foods, and I didn’t exercise. I felt unhealthy, and I just wasn’t happy with the way I looked and the way I felt. When I came to see Veronica, she was very comforting and she gave me a nutrition plan and started exercising. I started to lose weight right away. Her food plan was amazing, my favorite was the breakfast, the recipe she gave me to make this amazing healthy pancake was fantastic, and it was so delicious. I wasn’t hungry, because she gave me great healthy food plan and healthy substitutes that I didn’t know about. On top of her great nutrition plan that I was on, she kicked my butt in the gym. I started to feel healthy and I got stronger after only one week of training, I could go on, she is super knowledgeable and down to earth, she is truly an amazing coach and I am so glad I met her because she has helped me make a change of my life.

- Hadeel Haghsenas

Veronica is an incredible and inspiring woman. She is one of the strongest persons I have EVER met. Her mind is in perfect harmony with her body and it is very beautiful to see.  In addition, she pays attention to listen our needs and objectives in order to develop a plan so that we can meet our goals. Each person is different and she has the ability to bring everyone to be the best they can be... Since I have met her, I changed my lifestyle and my relationship with foods and exercises. I am balanced and healthier now.

I am eternally grateful for everything that she has done for me. Thanks again for everything.
With love,

- Melissa Menard

I met Veronica Yoo in my 50s. I had taken thyroid medications for 8 years until I met Veronica Yoo. She transformed my life. She is so different than others. She designed tailor- made nutrition plan with an amazing follow up system to improve my thyroid gland. I don’t need medications anymore, and I am amazed to see my transformation each day with big smile on my face.
This is the best time of my life to meet her and to be coached by her. Thank you, Veronica Yoo.

- Anise Cho

I have been following Veronica's nutritional advice since November 2013. In that time, I have lost 60 pounds and been able to maintain that loss. She has changed my food plan based on what is going on in my life at the moment and has been helping me keep my weight, energy and moods in control. I recently did the 911 detox and could not believe how incredible I felt during and after the 21 days. My energy was renewed, I woke up in the mornings refreshed and never did I feel hungry or did I have cravings. It’s a simple plan to follow for busy people, I do all my prep the night before! I am now just finishing the reversal stage and looking forward to beginning the next. Veronica has saved my life through the use of clean healthy nutritional food to feed my body. I am no longer living with high cholesterol and high blood sugars. I will never yoyo diet again. I recommend her plan to everyone who needs to clean up their bodies and gain back their health!

- Diane Owens, Registered Recreation Therapy

My name is Veronika and I am the Director of Inshape Training, a BCRPA & CFES certified Personal Trainer, and a fitness competitor.  I started talking to Veronica a while back at the gym and right away I noticed that she was bright, experienced and had advanced, up to date knowledge on nutrition.

I have done 6 fitness competitions over the last 7 years and have always considered myself to be healthy and able to recover well afterwards.  My last competition was the hardest I've ever trained in my life and I knew I would need a different and proper reverse meal plan after it was all said and done.  Veronica was more than willing to help and was very attentive to all my needs before. She started with a thorough analysis of my history and relationship with food and she checked in with me on a weekly basis, if not more.  With her initial Liver Detox plan, I managed to stay fit, healthy and full of energy long after my competition was finished.

I'm enjoying my food, trying new recipes, eating less often and never feel hungry.  Thanks to Veronica, I am now living the Ketogenic life and loving it!

- Veronika Glesc