Go Raw Get Lean

Go Raw Get Lean

Go Raw Get Lean is simple recipe book for anyone who wants to stay fit and improve energy without cooking.

We all know that the correct food is critical for weight loss and fat loss, but most of us want to spend less time cooking and more time living.

Do you have sweet tooth? No problems! All recipes will satisfy your sweet tooth with good nutrients for better health.

Go Raw Get Lean guides you how to cook delicious and nutritious meal replacements within 10 minutes without cooking.

911 Detox

911 Detox

If you are looking for sustainable energy, high quality sleep, mental and physical strength, 911 Detox may just be solution for you!

The 911 Liver Detox plan is a great way to clean your internal body systems while you simutaneously retool your eating habits. With an added course of exercise, you will see lasting results that will help you achieve better health for the long haul.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Detox your body from the inside out in just 21 days
  • Learn how to use a 5-day ‘reverse’ detox plan
  • Choose the right foods for a comprehensive and effective liver detox
  • Have a healthy and lasting relationship with foods – to stay fit for optimal living


Breaking Through the Yo-Yo

As you know, building a great body is far more complex than simply training in the gym.

In this book Veronica Yoo and Gregg Swanson dive deep into what it takes to successfully detox the body and mind for physique competitors, especially coming off of a show.

The book is divided into two parts; Part 1 is detoxing the body, while Part 2 is detoxing the mind. Both sections give detail information with specific action plans for a successful detox.

If you have a post contest blue syndrome, this book is a MUST!